Chris AltNigel King owner & founder of King's Gym & Fitness revolutionised the strength and conditioning with the Glen Innes ELKETTES women's rugby 7's team as Head of Fitness. Starting from a position were Many of the women could not compete physically with the top class university teams , Nigel through his programs and motivation, developed The ELKETTES into one of the best conditioned outfits in competition. It is no coincidence during his time with the ELKETTES we won 18 from 21 games which set the basis for our up and coming Grand Final Nigel's knowledge & his ingenuity coupled with Kings Gym's cutting edge sports & fitness facility & equipment delivered his workouts interestingly & challenging for the Rugby team. It is this along with his natural ability to motivate that has placed him at the forefront of fitness, strength and conditioning training in the region. Chris Alt - Glen Innes Elkettes Coach
Chris Walker-BushAn excellent gym. Great weights facilities, good cardio selection, and always in an impeccable state of cleanliness.
David RobinsonGreat gym. I've just finished their 12 week challenge. The trainers are full of knowledge and enthusiasm. The gym community is great.the end result was I lost 19kgs and I'm stronger and fitter than I've ever been. Can't recommend this place enough!
Debbie HuttonKings gym rocks, I use to be a person that had excuses to why I couldn't join or exercise now I'm a person that's get annoyed if I can't go and I owe it all to the support and encouragement of all involved with the gym super supportive and so much fun
Dom BushI have been a member at Kings Gym and Fitness for just over a year now and I have watched the Gym go from strength to strength. When I first signed up at Kings Gym and Fitness I had grand plans to spend a couple of days a week improving my body.They were a fairly small gym with all the essentials for the everyday gym goer, I found for myself personally there were some pieces of gear that could be extremely helpful in my every day workouts that they didn't have yet. I began talking to Nigel and Karen with regards to items that I felt could help both myself and other gym goers. I found them extremely obliging and helpful with all of my suggestions and they have continued to improve the equipment at the gym on a regular basis. Kings Gym and Fitness has increased its member base substantially since I first signed up and at some gyms I have trained at this can be a problem due to there not being enough equipment to share around. This possible problem has been handled exceptionally well by constantly increasing and upgrading the gear in the gym. My overall Experience at Kings Gym and Fitness has been an absolute delight. Nigel and Karen are lovely people who are not only friendly and kind but also run a great business. I never have a problem pointing people in their direction when asked what the best gym in town is because I know they will get great service and be 100% happy with the gym.
Heather ConyardI did the 12 week challenge and lost 20.2kg. Started out totally unfit but enjoyed the classes so much I have now joined the gym. Very inclusive environment, it does not matter what your size or fitness level is no one judges you and the instructors give great support. Also family friendly.
Kaylene AlleyNigel King, of Kings Gym and Fitness, has been a personal trainer for my son Nick Alley for the past eighteen months. During that time, Nigel and the Staff at King Gym and Fitness, have worked at building up Nick’s strength throughout his body, in order to prevent injuries and to gain inner core strength and stability. During that time Nick has improved his athletics results by gaining several silver and bronze medals at several state athletic championships and has even qualified for a third time at Australian championships. I can only commend Nigel and his staff at the gym with their effort in personal training but also as Nigel is a mentor and has been an inspiration to Nick.
Kerry StrongI have been going to Kings Gym for the past 10 months and I have a regular PT session each week with Nigel. During this time my fitness and strength has improved greatly .which has helped me achieve my fitness goals .I recently competed in my first half marathon on the gold coast. I was extremely happy with how my body handled the race and how the body felt afterwards (not sore), To which I contribute to the sessions I had with Nigel and his knowledge. I have weak knee’s and with the correct training , I have avoided injury to them . Together with Nigel we are working on my next goal (The masters games in Alice Springs in October) Nigel has a vast knowledge of the fitness industry, in he is only too happy to share with his clients. Nigel is professional and is dedicated to his work, he pushes you that little bit further each time but not to the point where you hurt yourself. In the short Time I have been attending the Gym I have witnessed it in growth of membership, employed more team members. The Gym has expanded its range of equipment .Has a larger room dedicated to the demand of growing classes and is very user friendly. Keep up the good work Guys
Margaret JonesI have been a member of King’s Gym and Fitness for nearly 12 months now.Nigel King has been my Personal Trainer for this time, and I have always found my sessions to be enjoyable and beneficial. My health and strength has improved, which I thought would be impossible as I am over 60 and had quite a few aches and pains to contend with. I also use the equipment and attend some classes. The equipment is always well maintained and I like the fact that I can use these when ever I want to and not be tied by time restrictions. The classes are varied and suited to all ages, and his staff members are friendly and helpful. King’s Gym and Fitness have a wide scope of classes and training and in my opinion. Glen Innes is very fortunate to have such a facility available to us.
Mary ParisI am 58 and had really painful knees as well as lower back pain Was not sure I would even be able to exercise effectively let alone complete a 12 week challenge Well here I am 12 weeks later with no pain and almost 10 kgs lighter The whole experience was like being welcomed into a family that just wanted you to be the best you could be I am now a member of the gym because I like it I feel comfortable there and I look and feel better than I have for years Cannot recommend this gym and these wonderful welcoming instructors highly enough
Nikki HuttonAmazing Gym! Just finished the 12week challenge and have been so supported by the amazing staff. Super fun classes too
Rachelle WigginsGreat mentors and great facilities. Just finished the 12 week challenge and would recommend it to everyone for next year! Great job Nigel, Karen and co
Rebekah JillettI have been going to Kings Gym & Fitness for around 10 months now. I attend most classes and have regular PTs with Nigel King. Nigel has a great PT technique, he pushes you to be greater at every training session but not to the point you don't want to go anymore. Every PT session or class I go to I walk out feeling amazing, fitter and stonger. Best thing I have done is sign up at Kings Gym & Fitness.
Scott KelputisKings is just such a haven for comfortable guidance and encouragement! I have a disabiliy and they have welcomed me and and i can go at my own pace there at whatever time if day which ever day i choose. I love it and i am so greatful for all of the support i have recieved.